Graham Behavior Services’ Social Skills group provides ABA-based Social Skills programming to individuals with varying social needs (including ASD, ADD/ADHD, communication disorders) in a group setting. Groups are formed with 3-5 children based on age, need, and skills. Each group begins with a few minutes of independent play. During this time we evaluate instruction from the previous classes or if this is the student’s first class, we evaluate the skills they have before we begin teaching anything new. Social skills instruction focuses on helping the students to engage appropriately with the novel toys or games, practice greetings and conversations skills, make eye contact, gain attention appropriately, listen when someone is speaking, and ask and answer questions. One important component of the group is the use of a group reward contingency. As the students speak and play appropriately with each other they earn points towards a group game. When all the points are earned, they have to discuss which game they want to play. Students are encouraged to problem solve and make a decision collaboratively. Social Skills Groups run throughout the year. Groups are 1 hour and begin between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Groups are filled on a rolling basis.