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Whatever level of assistance or support you need, Graham Behavior Services is fully equipped to help you and your family achieve a full night’s sleep!


You and your child can have a good night’s sleep!  It’s not only possible, it’s something that Graham Behavior Services can help you achieve. 

Is your child having trouble sleeping? Are you frustrated with how long it takes your child to fall asleep, or how often they wake up at night? Many people believe that children should instinctively know how to sleep well, or that they will grow out of sleep problems. The truth is that sleep is a skill, and just like brushing teeth, getting dressed, or tying your shoe, it needs to be taught! Graham Behavior Services offers many options to help you and your child get a good night’s sleep. We have the ability to work with multiple ages – from infancy to adulthood – helping with bedtime routines, reducing nighttime wakings, and getting a quality, restful sleep throughout the night. There are multiple levels of sleep services you can choose from to begin this journey with us.

4-Week Adult Sleep Webinar & Consultation Series

Embracing the Functional Approach to Sleeping Problems

This 4-week sleep webinar is designed to help adults achieve a better night’s sleep by addressing common sleep problems and building healthy sleeping habits. This interactive series is administered virtually once a week for a period of four weeks in small group sessions run by sleep specialist, Jilian DeTiberiis.

Starting: October 3 – October 24

Time: Tuesdays 7pm EST

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Blog offerings

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to commit to a sleep program, GBS frequently shares blogs about sleep practices. Topics range from sleeping difficulties during quarantine to common myths you hear when talking about baby sleep, among many other areas. These articles offer a wealth of information for guiding you in your sleep journey. It’s a great place to start!

Video workshops

Graham Behavior Services also offers a complete sleep series of video training which can assist clients of various ages. This sleep series guides parents through research based interventions to treat common sleep problems. This video series comprises 6 separate trainings. These trainings can be purchased individually or as a series.  The 6 video series is useful to watch to identify goals and work through a variety of issues related to sleep. These video training programs are geared towards parents who need some advice, but feel confident they can follow the plan on their own. The full series is recommended for families who are experiencing challenges in multiple areas.

The full series includes the following 6 workshops:

Identifying Sleep Goals: This training offers information about how to identify the areas you might want to work on with your child related to sleeping skills.  This is a great starting place if you aren’t sure where to begin.

Setting a Nighttime Routine: If you feel as though the nighttime routine is causing difficulty with your child sleeping through the night, this video is a wonderful resource.  This discusses the importance of nighttime routines and how to set up a quality one for your child.

Decreasing Sleep Dependencies: This training introduces the concept of sleep dependencies and how to work through fading these within the nighttime routine.  Often, this training and the training on setting a nighttime routine, are good companions to each other, since setting a routine for bedtime can help to fade a sleep dependency.  

Reducing Night Wakings: For children who wake up overnight, this training can be very helpful in teaching children to sleep through the night.  This will offer various strategies to reduce night wakings and help your child and you get a full night sleep.

Reducing Early Morning Wakings: For children who wake up very early, typically before 6 am, this video will be helpful in encouraging sleeping to a later time.  Watch this video if this is an identified issue for your child.

Maintaining Progress: It’s important that after you have done so much hard work, you help your child maintain their successful sleeping skills.  This video discusses reinforcement and ways to maintain the progress that you have made.

Consultative model

Graham Behavior Services offers a full consultative model with a sleep expert who will meet with you in your home to complete a sleep assessment, and write a customized sleep plan for you and your family. This model would include visits to the home, along with video conferences to make sure progress is being made.  

The consultative model includes an initial meeting and observation, a comprehensive treatment plan, training on implementing the plan, follow up meetings, and check-ins after mastery of sleeping skills.

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Initial meeting/observation 

  • The consultative model will start with an initial meeting with the family, along with an observation of the typical sleep routine and interactions with your child.  At this initial meeting, your sleep specialist will complete a full assessment using the Sleep Assessment and Treatment Tool (SATT), created by Dr. Gregory Hanley. This assessment helps to determine which areas may be improved upon to get a successful night’s sleep for all.  From this assessment, goals will be determined with the supervisor and family.  These goals can change over time and if new goals arise, they can be additionally addressed.  

Follow-up meeting to discuss treatment plan and provide training

  • A comprehensive step-by-step treatment plan for changing your child’s behavior to create a more positive sleeping experience will be created based on the assessment and the goals determined.  This treatment plan will be shared with the family for review.  The sleep specialist and family will discuss the plan and the specialist will provide training on the steps.

Weekly meetings as the program progresses 

  • Following the initial training and development of the treatment plan, weekly meetings will take place with your sleep specialist to be sure the plan is met with success and to advance to the next steps as skills are mastered.  These meetings will be held at a minimum of weekly but may take place more often as needed. These can be a combination of in-person meetings and phone or video calls.  The family can also reach out to the sleep specialist for any issues that arise that are unplanned or any questions that come up.

Bi-monthly phone or video calls for 2 months after skill mastery and sleep success to maintain progress 

  • After successful completion of the treatment plan and success in meeting sleeping goals, the family will have access to as many phone or video calls as needed to maintain progress.  Bi-monthly check-ins will be scheduled for at least 2 months following mastery but can be scheduled for longer or more often if needed, to ensure there is no skill regression.
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Who is your sleep specialist?

Jilian DeTiberiis is the clinical director at Graham Behavior Services. She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2013. Jilian has worked in public and private schools, as well as private companies, providing ABA services in clinics and at home. She has worked in the area of sleeping skills for over 6 years, has received specialized training in this area from FTF Consulting, and is a Certified Sleep Science Coach. Jilian has presented on the topic of sleep twice at Autism NJ and once at NJABA.