Why are parenting classes important?

Research indicates that toddlers and children who have behavior problems are more likely to:

  • struggle with peer relationships
  • have poorer academic achievement
  • engage in aggression, deviant behavior, drug use, underage drinking, deviant peer affiliation, and opposition as teenagers

Our Purposeful Parenting Program helps you set a strong foundation for your children to meet success with interpersonal relationships and social situations throughout life.

Do parenting classes work? What does a parent coach teach?

Your trained, professional mentor will work with you to teach you strategies that will help your child change his/her challenging behavior into more socially appropriate behavior. Not only will the mentor teach you how to implement evidence based strategies, they will also create customized, individualized plans and routines for many issues that your family is facing including:

  • social skills
  • difficult meal times
  • getting out the door struggles
  • potty training
  • manners
  • bath time clashes
  • sibling battles
  • bedtime fights

My children are so little. Can’t I wait to implement positive practices that help them learn how to behave appropriately?

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to help your child behave in a socially appropriate way. Children are constantly learning and the longer their challenging behavior is tolerated, the harder and more stressful it is to change it.

Don’t wait and see if your child will outgrow their problem behavior – let us help you take back control over your life. Our parenting programming is geared towards parents of children ages 2-10 but can be customized to work with any family. We have different variations of parent coaching that we customize to fit your family’s needs.

Where can I find parenting coaching classes near me?

We have three tiers of parent support, and two of them take place right in your own home! Our online courses can be viewed at your leisure either individually or as a package.

Our Purposeful Parenting program is unique because a trained professional mentor comes right into your home, observes you playing with your child, and teaches you strategies that you can start implementing immediately. This parent coaching program pairs you with a mentor who has expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis, or the study of behavior, which has over 50 years of peer reviewed research.

What if I just need a little parenting support?

We provide a shortened version of the Purposeful Parenting program as a free workshop. Please check the events page to see when and where we are presenting. You can also request to have this parenting class near you! Contact us to set up a consultation.

My child already receives ABA therapy. Can I also get parent coaching classes?

When GBS provides in home ABA therapy to your family member with autism, parent training comes as part of the package. The BCBA that will work with your family will identify your family’s individualized needs and provide the correct kind of instruction. This can range from developing a potty training schedule that you can follow to working with you so that community outings become fun again!

My child’s behaviors are affecting them in school and with friends and siblings. What do I do when everything turns into a fight?

All parents experience the occasional temper tantrum. However, when your child’s challenging behavior starts making you question your parenting skills, have anxiety about going out in public, or even dread spending time with your child, it may be time to reach out for help.

As a positive, research based approach to resolving behavior, Purposeful Parenting takes place over the course of ten weeks. Our Purposeful Parenting program is unique because a trained professional mentor comes right into your home, observes you playing with your child, and teaches you strategies that you can start implementing immediately. The first 70% of the program teaches you positive parenting strategies are supported by over 50 years of research including our five key parenting skills: attending, effective rewarding, ignoring, delivering effective instructions, and providing breaks. Throughout the remainder of the program, the mentor will work with you to identify specific areas of need unique to your family and tailored interventions including but not limited to: building social skills, navigating difficult meal times, eliminating getting out the door struggles, mastering potty training, developing positive social manners, solving sibling battles, and putting bedtime fights to sleep. This package will be the best approach to handle challenging or problem behaviors because it is customized to meet the needs of your family.

What sets Graham Behavior Services apart from other companies offering parenting services? Why should I invest in the Purposeful Parenting Program?

Our high quality staff. Our most valuable asset is our staff. We pride ourselves on having the best in the industry. All of our behavior therapists have extensive training in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and most are enrolled in graduate programs in behavior analysis. We maintain our staff for many years resulting in very little turnover.

Our reliance on the science. GBS provides the only comprehensive parent coaching program that pairs live workshops, online courses, and customized in home parent coaching with the science of applied behavior analysis. The information we present is based on the principles of ABA and has over 50 years of research to support it.

Our ability to see clients immediately. We respond to new clients within 24 hours. We guarantee that we will follow up on our initial conversation within a week but it will probably be sooner. We begin services immediately after that as long as we have staff available.

Our focus is on helping parents become independent so that after ten weeks of training, you don’t need us anymore. We train our staff to work with you to identify your family’s values and goals for your child as well as what your child desires. We use that to create meaningful plans that help your child and your family live the life you have always envisioned. It may seem impossibly far off now but we can help you get there.

Not only are we great at what we do, we care about helping your family achieve lasting, meaningful change. We want you to get back to doing what you do best – raising awesome little humans. Talk to us about finding the package that will be perfect for your family. Check out our parenting blogs for more useful information.