Every child is unique in their personality, likes, and needs. At Graham Behavior Services, we have services to meet all the needs your child may have. From early intervention to advocacy to in-home ABA therapy, our team is ready to give you the personalized, quality care you’re looking for.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

GBS is proud to offer EIBI in both the home and clinic settings. EIBI services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is a research-based methodology proven effective in treating symptoms of autism. Studies show that intervening early in life dramatically increases long-term outcomes.

Located in West Long Branch, our clinic is designed to create opportunities for learning through play. Our highly qualified staff help clients practice new skills within their favorite activities and games. Students will learn to increase appropriate behaviors like communication, play skills, peer interaction and self-help all while playing. We also work to decrease maladaptive behaviors, like hitting, throwing toys, and not following directions. We pride ourselves on creating programs that serve the needs of our learners and their families. Each student has an individualized plan to address their unique strengths and needs. It is our mission to teach from a place of joy! 

EIBI is a covered benefit with most insurance companies. Contact us to take a tour of our clinic location in West Long Branch.