At Graham Behavior Services, we work with you and your family member to help to maximize their potential.

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For your family member, we use clinic, home, & community based learning to help:

• Build skills to sustain social relationships
• Nurture leisure & self-help skills
• Gain vocational skills and provide on-the-job training
• Maintain employment
• Gain independence

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We work collaboratively with you to help:

• Manage your family member’s problem behaviors that prevent you from partaking in fun or every day activities
• Identify goals to help the client to be as independent as possible
• Navigate the confusing world of adult supports


Tell me about your Adult Program.

Our clinic based program is a 1:1 program and runs from 9-2:30 every day. We have partnered with local businesses and nonprofits to give our adult clients access to real work opportunities.  Some of these are paid and some are volunteer. Our adults also do meal prep, grocery store shopping, practice of leisure skills, exercise routines, and practice of social interaction and game play with others. If you would like to take a tour of our facility, either in person or virtually, you can contact us here.

What organizations do you work with?



Is Graham Behavior Services right for my child? 

If your child is experiencing challenging behavior or if you want your child to gain new skills then the answer is yes. What sets us apart from other companies offering ABA services? Our high quality staff. Our most valuable asset is our staff. We pride ourselves on having the best in the industry. All of our behavior therapists have extensive training in ABA and most are enrolled in graduate programs in behavior analysis. We maintain our staff for many years resulting in very little turnover. Our ability to start services immediately. We respond to new clients within 24 hours. We guarantee that we will follow up on our initial conversation within a week but it will probably be sooner. We begin services immediately after that as long as we have staff available.

What kind of funding does GBS accept?

We are an approved DDD providers and accept all private insurance. We are an out of network provider for insurance. This means that our client’s plans must include out of network benefits to work with us. However, some exceptions can be made. If you are curious about your benefits give us a call and we will respond to you within 24 hours. Your initial consultation and insurance verification is completed free of charge.

What DDD services is GBS approved to provide?

We are approved to provide:

• Behavior Supports
• Individual Supports
• Individual Prevocational Supports
• Group Prevocational supports
• Supported Employment
• Community Based Supports